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  • Our team

Our values

In this neighborhood our family has been catering to the needs of old and new Berliners as well as travelers for the last five generations. Honesty, reliability and down to earth these have always been our values. They are to this day and that is how we serve our guests. There are four things that are most important to us:

  • The safety of our guests
  • Employees that are friendly, helpful, and live our family tradition 
  • The 150-year-old building with its historic background
  • The responsible treatment of our environment

Our staff

Our hotel is a family business run by father and son, Otto and Uwe Hauptmann. The 12 employees are Berliners with heart and soul and most of them have worked for many years at the hotel. They are true Berliners who know their way around. Therefore please feel free to contact our personnel any time if you need help to find your way around.